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Grow Closer to God

We Want to Help You

We are a community of people who have encountered a life-changing God. Our mission is simple: to love God and to love others.

The Excellent Men

The Men’s Fellowship is one of the “natural groups” The mens fellowship provides an enabling environment for the men in the church to come together as bible-believing men to encourage one another spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically, share their experiences and study the bible together.

Through the men’s fellowship, we are building men, husbands and fathers who through their exemplary lifestyles, will help strengthen the church and show the way for those coming behind.

Virtuous Women (Women)

The Women’s Fellowship provides a nurturing atmosphere where women are strengthened spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. We aim to reach out and enlist the women of the church in a fellowship of love, worship, prayer, teaching, service and giving.

Through the fellowship, we aim to build strong women, wives and mothers, to support the cause of Christ in the home, the community and the society at large.

Young People Ministry

Young people Fellowship is made up of different groups (children, teenagers and youth) of children aged 3-17 years who are members of the congregation. The ministry is committed to positively impacting the lives of young people so that in their formative years, they can begin to enjoy a personal and fundamental relationship with Christ. The young people fellowship aims to equip them with the godly principles and attributes they need to stand for Christ and be the light in this dark world. Through activities and teachings designed to engage them, they are taught the basics of their Christian faith.

Love Outreach

This is the welfare ministry of the church. The love outreach aims to provide practical support to members of our community and church in any challenging circumstances. Through our foodbank, nursing home musical services, other activities, people are encouraged and supported to thrive and live successful lives.

Sundays @ 11am / 5:30pm & Thursdays @ 8pm

We’d love for you to join us this Sunday